This is a section  section 1

This is another section section 2

This is part of the above section section 2 line two

You will see three different icon pop ups when editing sections.

They are the section itself (content = red icon),  the Column ( blue icon) and the Row Yellow Icon.

This is a new Column in section three

Section three has Two columns and One row.


This is an empty row inserted creating section 4

This is Column one row one of Section 5

They are the section itself (content = red icon),  the Column ( blue icon) and the Row Yellow Icon.

This is a new Column in section 5

Section 5 has 3 columns and One row.


This is a third column in section 5

This is section 6.

It can be as long and as wide as you want.

You can type whatever you want in it using the RETURN enter key to insert a return



here are a few notes about good page design.

Keep everything in Sections. this helps the layout when viewing on different browsers and computers that may have different screen resolutions that you do.

Instead of adding a few TABS  TAB TAB or spaces to section things out, please use ROWS and Columns.

That way if the browser window is resized it still lays out well and is readable.

Some web pages that don’t do this will have overlapping words on top of one another when the browser window is resized or viewed on a phone which makes them unreadable.

You can insert media like pictures, or forms or hyper links into any part of these sections.

I like to insert a new column when inserting a picture for the resize reasons listed above.

This is section 7

it contains an important note about copying and pasting content from other programs.

When pasting from another program such as Word or another website things can get really weird.

When you copy from one of these programs all sorts of information comes along with it. The FONTS, The character spacing , HTML code in the background etc…

This can get really ugly looking on a website as none of the fonts match and etc…. ( basically it looks bad)

They have given us a tool to avoid this in this editor.

It looks like a little brief case with a Capital T in it, ( its up on the tool bar by the fonts etc)

clicking this icon turns on Plain text mode. Everything you paste will come over in plain text with no formatting or code.

This is a good thing. While it requires you to reformat what ever you pasted, the text will inherit all the attributes of the page it is on, fonts, spacing, etc…

I recommend you always use this when pasting in the editor.