RTC/Benjamin House was purchased in 1993 by Racine Transitional Care to be a non-smoking Alcoholics Anonymous meeting facility. Our building was once a small schoolhouse used to teach railroad workers how to read and write; but it was later named “Benjamin House” to remember the late Reverend Benjamin Cosey, founder of the Community Baptist Church (1964 -1992).

Reverend Benjamin Cosey


To his family and close friends, Reverend Benjamin Cosey was both a visionary and a dreamer.

During his lifetime, his philosophy consistently embraced: faith in God; importance of the family; and helping others or, as he was fond of expressing it, “being a friend to man.”
Born March 8, 1898 in Lake Providence, Louisiana, Benjamin Cosey was the fifth child in a family of 11 children, born to Joseph and Celia (nee: Furcey). Raised on a sharecropper’s farm, he was six years old when he worked with his family in the fields. “My family was rich,” Rev. Cosey once said, “We weren’t rich in material wealth, but we were rich in spiritual wealth.” At six years of age, he took up the self-appointed task of “leading old blind people through the woods.” Later in life Rev. Cosey would refer to his youthful “ministry” as “learning to do the Lord’s work”.

At 22 years of age, Rev. Cosey married Annebelle Alma Bassett in Rosedale, Mississippi. They were blessed with five daughters and four sons. Mrs. Cosey died in 1972, after 52 years of marriage to Rev. Cosey.

In, 1929, the Cosey family moved from Louisiana to Franksville, Wisconsin, where they joined Calvary Baptist Church in Milwaukee. Benjamin Cosey was a member of Calvary for 27 years, serving as trustee and deacon.

In 1957, one of Rev. Cosey’s dreams was finally realized – a church of his own! In April of 1957, Rev. Cosey was ordained into the ministry. That same year, at 59, Rev. Cosey began to pastor his own flock. It wasn’t until 1963, after 21 years as a laborer at A.O. Smith Corp., that Rev. Cosey was able to say he “got to preach full time.” He was 65 years old.

Rev. Cosey named his family-based church the Community Baptist Church. The church was first housed in a converted garage attached to the family home. In 1964, the church took up residence in a converted one-room schoolhouse (Edison#13), which was “home” for the church for 28 years. In 1992, six years after Rev. Cosey’s death, the family sold the church building to Racine Transitional Care, Inc. (RTC), and was appropriately named Benjamin House.

The family and friends of Rev. Cosey believe the conversion of his beloved Community Baptist Church into RTC/Benjamin House would please him very much. The support and rehabilitation of Alcoholics Anonymous members and their families would certainly be seen, in his eyes, as a meaningful way of helping others.
Because, in his own words, “When you’re helping suffering humanity, you’re helping God.